After seven years and $40,000 raised by donations and fundraisers, the 1885 Washington School’s belfry was raised and attached to the building in Round Pond Tuesday, Dec. 16. The Washington School, open from 1885-1954, housed grades one through eight. In 1954, students were relocated to the Bristol Mills School. In 1955, the town sold the schoolhouse to Masters Machine Company, which outgrew the building in 1964, according to Round Pond Schoolhouse Association Vice President Bill Smith.

Michael Alderson and his team of carpenters and crane operator did an unbelievable job of building the belfry. The design was from an old picture of the original structure, and to get it in the air to the top of the building and then to thread the 4, 4×4 legs into 4 pre-cut openings. A masterful performance!.

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